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Getting started and setting goals

by neal mcevoy August 29, 2017

Getting started and setting goals

Hello everyone!

So I've been wanting to write a blog for our Salon for a while now, but have been putting it off for fear of 'getting it wrong' or not having enough 'specific interest' for people to want to even read my blog.

After a lot of procrastinating and telling myself that "we don't need a blog" I thought to myself, No... stop putting it off again and making excuses! just start writing.... see what happens. And that's what I'm doing... Putting one foot (finger) in front of the other and seeing where it leads!

But then, that's how every journey starts right? We all have a great idea or a vision that we want to achieve, but more often than not we let our subconscious get the better of us and just let things slide.

Owning and running a salon myself, I thought maybe I might be able to give people some advice on achieving their goals, to get into the hair, or any other industry for that matter and realise their dreams, be it owning their own salon or just becoming the best at what they want to do in life!

And it really just comes down to not being afraid to put yourself out there! Putting one foot in front of the other and seeing where it leads! Don't be afraid to make mistakes along the way or have a fear of failure! You're not failing, you're learning. Always learning!

We all love to think and dream about where we want to be, but more often than not, we let those dreams slide by and just plod along as before.

So whats the answer? It can be something as simple as setting some goals, it doesn't matter how big or small they are, but you will want a number of short term goals, mid term goals and maybe a long term goal or two to really break down your vision and to give you bench markers along the way.

 A short term goal might be something as simple as speaking to a salon owner to ask if they can give you any advice on starting your own salon, or if you haven't become qualified yet, visiting a local skills training group to enquire about courses available and any requirements to make the course. Theres no right or wrong answers here, just give yourself some goals to get you started in the right direction. Your path will maybe change along the way, but you have to start somewhere. You may find you will set other goals along the way as you start to realise your goals.

A mid term goal might be canvassing an area to check for how busy an area is to see if a Salon would work well in the area. Maybe checking costs for various shops that are 'To Let' and the other running costs that are involved in setting up.

An obvious long term goal would be opening your salon (or whatever it is you're ultimately working towards)

By having goals along the way, it breaks your journey up into small achievable targets that make you feel good and keep you focused on what and where you want to be. Just make sure you keep your goals achievable and where necessary add to them. By doing this one thing, you'll feel like you're moving in the right direction. Be sure to reward yourself as you achieve your goals. It keeps you motivated.

Before you know it, you will be a few months down the line with all these short term goals being met, and knowing that you are moving towards your mid term and long term goals. You knew it would be hard work but you find yourself enjoying your journey as you have a plan in place and you are starting to own it!

Anyway, I don't profess to be the fountain of  knowledge on business start ups, but I definitely know what its like to sit there having grand ideas and not knowing how to move forward! For me, I was fortunate enough to take over the family barbershop (Chris and Robs Barbers in Plymouth) and have used the above planning strategy to expand into the Ladies salon market using the above ideas. Theres a lot more to business than just setting goals, but its great finding out what those things are as you start moving along your goals.

One thing's for sure, its better to have tried, than to not have tried at all!

I'll leave the Blog here for now and I hope that it helps even one person to get motivated towards their ambitions. I've met a short term goal along the way today by writing my first blog post, I would love to get some feedback to find out how I can improve my writing or what you want to hear about from someone who works in the Hair industry and I look forward to writing my next blog... whatever that may be!




neal mcevoy
neal mcevoy