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Kids 'First Haircut' Package

Our customers (You!) are the most important thing to us! And we like to start showing you that from the very first time you toddle through the door!

Our keepsake package is totally FREE! you dont pay a penny! Not even for the haircut!

Your little one will get their hair cut in an unrushed environment, sat in our super cool mini car chair, whilst they watch one of our numerous childrens DVD's (from Frozen to Cars and eveything in between!)

We will keep back a lock of their hair and take a polaroid picture of the finished hair-do and give you a certificate to mark the occasion to keep everything together in your treasure box!

They also get a lollipop and a balloon (If they're allowed) For being such a great kid and sitting so still and patient (Which they all do of course!!!......)

Seriously though, we understand that its a new experience for your child and on occasion they may not sit still and may even have a bit of a tantrum,  don't worry, keep calm.... we'll let you in on a little secret.... it happens!! we'll get through it together! Check out some of our reviews on the facbook page to see what our customers have to say!