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The Cambridge Cut Throat™ Barber Straight Shaving Swing Lock Razor Kit with Travel Pouch and Natural Cotton Kit Bag Gifts for Men Male Grooming Present

Brand: The Cambridge Cutthroat


  • Purchase Your Blades On Amazon Too - We recommend Derby or Astra double edge blades which can easily be purchased on Amazon.
  • Luxurious, Effective and A Great Investment - Straight razor shaving is indulgent. With time and a little practice, it will give you the closet-cut shave possible, and costs a fraction of disposable safety razor shaving. The Cambridge Cutthroat is a tool designed to last, not fall apart thanks to the combination of quality materials and good workmanship.
  • Tradition and Convenience Combined - A stainless steel swing lock mechanism allows quick blade replacement and total stability for a sharp shave every time. Don't waste your time stropping and honing a non-replaceable blade. The Cambridge Cutthroat Kit contains the basic items you need to start straight razor shaving. The Cambridge Cutthroat straight razor, a razor travel pouch and a natural cotton kit bag.
  • Truly Satisfying Shaving - The feeling of being able to quickly, but precisely glide a fresh razor over your beard is satisfying. You won't just look badass, but you'll feel badass too. The Missanda wood handle will stand up to any treatment, and can safely be immersed in water without fear of warping.
  • Bladeless, But For Your Own Safety - As required by Amazon selling agreements, no blades are included with this kit. However, double or single edge razor blades can be easily be bought on Amazon, from your local pharmacy, or most large supermarkets.

Publisher: The Cambridge Cutthroat


What is The Cambridge Cutthroat Kit?

The Cambridge Cutthroat Kit brings you the pleasure of traditional straight razor shaving in a convenient and easy to use kit.

This specially assembled kit includes most of the basic tools necessary to start practising the art of straight razor shaving, without the hassle of honing and stropping a non-disposable razor. Straight razor shaving is a more luxurious, effective and cheaper method of shaving than disposable razor shaving.

The Cambridge Cutthroat is handmade from Missanda wood which is renowned for its stability in wet conditions and exceptional hardness, and stainless steel. With perfect balance, the Cambridge Cutthroat has a comfortable feel in the palm, helping you to shave with confidence.

Combining quality materials and excellent build, The Cambridge Cutthroat makes a great investment. It's a tool designed to last, not fall apart.

Purchase your blades on Amazon! Search for double edge razor blades on Amazon, and start using your new razor immediately!

Visit our website at www.cambridgecutthroat.com to view some useful instructional videos about how to use your new razor.

Included in The Cambridge Cutthroat Kit:

  • The Cambridge Cutthroat Swing Lock Straight Razor
  • A Natural Cotton Drawstring Kit Bag for all Your Shaving Tools
  • A Razor Pouch To Protect Your Razor And Blades When Travelling

Although Blades are not Included with this Kit, Razor Blades can be Purchased Online From Amazon, From Most Good Pharmacies and Large Supermarkets.

UPC: 660042399724

EAN: 0660042399724

Package Dimensions: 7.1 x 5.8 x 1.5 inches